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Behavioral Intervention

WVC Behavioral Intervention Team 

 The purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team is to educate and support the WVC community and facilitate communication regarding disruptive behavior in an effort to promote a safe college environment for everyone.

 The team is a multi-disciplinary group of college administrators, faculty, counselors and campus security who serve as an assessment group when a student's behavior has been so peculiar, problematic, distraction or disruptive that it calls for reporting. The Behavioral Intervention Team is responsible for implementing a proactive student behavioral intervention process that uses both formal and informal protocols to both assess behavior that poses a potential threat to campus safety and security and coordinates resources for early intervention and support for involved students.

The Behavioral Intervention Team is the clearinghouse for tracking and responding to behavioral issues that are reported on campus. The team works with students, faculty and staff to identify and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the student poses a danger to self, others or the college community.  They then will analyze and assess the situation and make caring, proactive recommendations about the best ways to help the individual or individuals through support, intervention or referral. Team members will also coordinate follow-up when appropriate.

What is harmful behavior? Sometimes, people may be thinking about harming themselves.  This could include suicidal thoughts or actions. Someone might act erratically, disrupting classes or events or exhibit behavior that could potentially be threatening to self or others.  These types of behavior should not be taken lightly and should be reported. 

How can I help?

If you see another student whose behavior seems like a “red flag” for potential harm or threat to self or others, you can help. 

  • If the threat is immediate – call 911.
  • Even if the threat isn’t immediate, it’s still important to act.  Also, please submit an Incident Report. You can submit your report online by clicking here.

 If the action of the individual is disruptive, you feel threatened, or makes you or others feel unsafe, call Security at 6911 from campus phones or (509) 423-3705 from non-campus phones and contact your supervisor. On the Omak campus, call security concerns at 7911 with an on campus phone or (509) 422-7911 from non-campus phone. 

Who can complete an incident report or referral?

Anyone who feels a student’s behavior is a “red flag” that could potentially indicate a threat to self or others can make an Incident Report. Also if someone is acting erratically, disrupting classes or events it should be reported.  Students, faculty, staff and other community members are all encouraged to complete an incident report when observing these behaviors.

What will happen after I make a referral?

Based on information in the report, members of the Behavioral Intervention Team will determine the next steps. 

Your report is the first step -- and the most important!

 In the cases of immediate threat to self or someone else CALL 911 immediately.  Do not be concerned if it turns out not to be as serious as you thought.  It is better to have security and law enforcement available then to have a situation that no one responded to.