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Administrative Contacts

President's Office

President Dr. Faimous Harrison 509-682-6400
Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Board Maria Iñiguez 509-682-6400

Administrative Services

Vice President, Administrative Services Brett Riley 509-682-6515
Director, Facilities & Operations Rich Peters  509-682-6465
Interim Director, Fiscal Services Ryan Lamb 509-682-6502

Public Information Office

Interim Executive Director, Public Information Jennifer Korfiatis 509-682-6436
Web Marketing & Graphic Design Sarah Buman 509-682-6473
Writer/Editor Theresa Taylor 509-682-6439


Executive Director, WVC Foundation Rachel Evey 509-682-6415
Foundation Executive Assistant, WVC Mireya Sanchez 509-682-6418

Annual Giving & Scholarships Coordinator, WVC

Ellora La Shier 509-682-6410

Development Director, WVC

Guadalupe Brito 509-682-6573
Foundation Accountant, WVC Brenda Galvan 509-682-6412
Foundation Communications Coordinator, WVC Emily Scovill 509-682-6416
Omak Foundation Jennifer Short 509-422-7835

Human Resources

Executive Director, Human Resources Reagan Bellamy 509-682-6445
Human Resource Consultant Tim Marker 509-682-6444
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Wendi Martin 509-682-6442


Executive Director, ASPIRE Vacant  


Vice President, Instruction Dr. Tod Treat 509-682-6605
Acting Dean, Math, Sciences, and Engineering Dr. Jeff Bullock 509-682-6705 
Dean, English, Humanities & Academic Development  Andrew Tudor 509-682-6715
Dean, Allied Health & Professional Technical Programs  Yuritzi Lozano   509-682-6614
Associate Dean, Transitional Studies & Workforce Grants Riva Morgan 509-682-6847
Coordinator, Transitional Studies Mario Reyes Feijoo 509-682-6790
Director, Libraries & Learning Support Services  Jeannie Henkle 509-682-6718

Student Affairs

Vice President, Student Affairs Dr. Diana Garza 509-682-6805
Director, Athletics Matt Vargas 509-682-6771
Director, Educational Planning Jaima Kuhlmann 509-682-6846
Director, Financial Aid  Michael Hicks 509-682-6815

Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Tony Rosales


Director, College Assistance Migrant Program 

Levi Vega-Sanchez

Director, TRiO Student Support Services Sandra Villarreal 509-682-6979
Interim Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar Maggie Segesser 509-682-6835
Student Access Manager (Disability Services) Kristina Li  509-682-6854
Concurrent Enrollment Director, Running Start Maria Monroe 509-682-6848
Director, Student Life Cody Rogers 509-682-6868
Coordinator, International Students Vacant  
Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment

Karina Mendoza-Flores


Residence Life Manager Michelle Cannaday 509-682-6706
Grant Coordinator, Workforce Education Grants

Erika Schenkvonstauffenberg

WorkFirst Coordinator Tina Gavin 509-682-6960
Student Navigator, Workforce Education Grants  Mary Adamski 509-682-6613
Student Navigator, Workforce Education Grants Dalia Hernandez Farias 509-682-6965

Enrollment Management & Community Partnerships

Vice President, Enrollment Management & Community Partnerships Vacant