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Construction Updates

Wells Hall Replacement*

*Updated September 10, 2021

Wells Hall replacement rendering

The $37 million Wells Hall Replacement project replaced Wells Hall wings 1-4 with a new, 73,935 square-foot, three-story building. Wing 5, which houses the campus theater and ceramics studio will become a stand-alone building.

The new building will be named “Mish ee twie” in honor of higher education advocate, respected tribal elder and Wenatchi Advisory Board founding member Mish ee twie (Gloria L. Atkins). The WVC Board of Trustees chose the name at their June 2021 board meeting. 

Naming ceremony held Sept. 14

Safety and traffic notice (Feb. 21, 2020) 

The Wells Hall project is entering a new phase of construction and there will be increased truck traffic entering and exiting the job site from Fifth Street. 

If you are driving on Fifth Street, please obey the speed limits and watch for vehicles entering or leaving the job site. If you are a pedestrian walking along the sidewalk on the north side of Fifth Street, stay on the sidewalk, watch for driveway traffic and use caution when crossing the two construction driveways.

Charlie Robb, Capital Project Manager

Camera 1

Construction Camera 1

Camera 2

Construction Camera 2

Project updates

Plans and specifications are being developed by Integrus Architecture for the constructions of the new building. Lydig is the construction contractor. 


  • Design: August 2018-July 2019
  • Office/classroom relocations begin: June 21, 2019
  • Office/classroom relocations end: September 9, 2019
  • Groundbreaking ceremony: October 29, 2019
  • Demolition begins: late-November 2019
  • Construction: November 2019-June 2021
  • Project completion: Summer 2021
  • Move in: September 2021

What will be in the new building

  • 25 classrooms, numerous offices and program spaces
  • Adult Basic Education/English as a Second Language
  • Anthropology Lab
  • Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Lab
  • Chelan County Emergency Operations Center
  • Communications
  • Continuing Education
  • Developmental Education
  • English
  • Jack & Edna Maguire Conference Center
  • Philosophy/Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • TRIO Student Support Services
  • World Languages
  • Workforce Education
  • Workforce Grants
  • WriteLab

Map of parking lots

During demolition and construction of Wells Hall wings 1-4, parking in the Wells Hall Visitor Lot (Lot A) and the Music and Art Center Parking Lot (Lot M) may be affected.

Additional parking will be available at Sage Hills Church (free) and Knights Hall A, B & C (permit required).

For more information about paid parking on the WVC campus, visit the Parking webpage

On-campus parking

View and download a map of the Wenatchee campus with the new, temporary locations of the departments that will be affected by the Wells Hall replacement construction.

View map

Download Office Directory

During construction, several departments will change locations. Relocations begin summer quarter 2019.

Note: Some of these locations will change September 2021.

Knights Hall A, B & C

Location: on Ninth Street and north of the Paul Thomas Sr. Baseball Stadium

  • Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Continuing Education
  • Transitional Studies (adult basic education, English as a Second Language, High School+)
Grants House

Location: on Fifth Street across from the Wells Hall visitor lot

  • Workfirst
  • Workforce Grants
Sage Hills Church

Location: on Fifth Street across from Hollis soccer field

  • Classrooms during construction
  • Damon Barta, English
  • Marcus Bingham, Drama
  • Geoff Bullis, Spanish
  • Jeff Bullock, Agriculture
  • Amy Carlson, English
  • Tom Doherty, Automotive
  • Julie Fitch, Spanish
  • Lisa Foster, Psychology
  • Leo Garcia, Agriculture
  • Max Geier, History
  • Bob Greiner, Automotive
  • Michelle Hedges, Sociology
  • Micky Jennings, Machining
  • Dale Lambert, History
  • Mike Lesky, Natural Resources
  • Brant Madson, Computer Science
  • Stacie Morales, Sociology
  • Joan Qazi, Geography
  • Mario Reyes, Spanish
  • Francisco Sarmiento, Agriculture
  • Bob Smet, Criminal Justice
  • Meghan Steele, Communications
  • Miko Stephens, Japanese
  • Loretta Stover, Psychology
  • Helen Tollefson, English
  • Pat Whitfield, Communications
  • Karen Alman, Communications
  • Rene Baca, World Languages
  • Rich Brinkman, Sociology
  • Dustin Clark, History
  • Janna Goodyear, Developmental Education
  • Lynne Kottmeier, Developmental Education
  • Jaime Ramirez, Chicano Studies
  • Amy Snivley-Martinez, Anthropology
  • Craig Vander Hart, Philosophy
  • Liesa Adams, Chemistry
  • Ralph Dawes, Earth Sciences
  • Shane Hendrickson, Chemistry
  • Awanthi Hewage, Chemistry
  • Bobbi Johnson, MESA
  • Lee Longmore, Chemistry
  • Jerry Merrill, Chemistry
  • Bruce Unger, Physics
  • Geoff Ball, Economics
  • Anya Belcher, Exercise Science
  • J'Lene George, Psychology
  • Erin Long, Exercise Science
  • Joara Minharo, Political Science
  • Shelly Pflugrath, Psychology
  • Roman Sandoval, Exercise Science
  • Kyle Vierck, Athletic Director

Work First:

  • Erika Schenkvonstauffenberg
  • Tina Gavin

Workforce Education Grants:

  • Nayeli Cabrera
  • Kristina King
  • Julie Fitch
  • Gaby Fernandez, Early Childhood Education
  • Donna Henderson, English
  • Linda Johnson, English
  • Hilary Martinez, Early Childhood Education
  • Cheryl Short, Study Skills

Transitional Studies:

  • Tanya Adamson
  • Nadya Bush
  • Teri Carnavale
  • Brent Carter
  • Annie Douglas
  • Uriel Escobedo
  • Bea Hersh-Tudor
  • Myra Hoane
  • Alex Martin
  • Natalie Martinez
  • Edgar Perez
  • Joanne Roberts
  • Val Schneider

Continuing Education:

  • Erin Davidson
  • Michele Gedrose

Center for Entrepreneurship:

  • Bridget Barker
  • Stacy Luckensmeyer
  • Scott Bailey, Art
  • Vicki DeRooy, Art
  • Natalie Dotzauer, Art
  • Arius Elvikis, Digital Design
  • David Hampton, Graphic Design
  • Hart Johnson,  Humanities
  • Rhia Foster, Music
  • Sompheng Batch, Business Computer Technology
  • Dave Burns, Computer Technology
  • Mike Choman, Business and Accounting
  • Andrea Elliott, Communications
  • Erin Fristad, English
  • Rebecca Hargrove, English
  • Monique Hirschkorn, American Sign Language
  • Jack Johnson, English and Humanities
  • Jennifer Korfiatis, Business and Accounting
  • Al Neace, Business Computer Technology
  • Heather Ryan, English
  • Derek Sheffield, English
  • Amy Shank, English
  • Niki Stewart, English
  • Jaqueline Sykes, English
  • Theresa Taylor, English
  • Gerald Tiffany, English
  • Allied Health and Nursing departments
  • Kelly Anderson,  Transitional Studies
  • Andrew Behler, English
  • Dave Bennatt, Biology
  • Jackie Browning, Math
  • Larry Cordes, Math and Engineering
  • Earl Crowe, Biology
  • Rob Fitch, Biology
  • Jennifer Hadersberger, Biology
  • Greg Hampton, Math
  • Lindsay Henning, Math
  • Ranis Ibragimov, Math
  • Kerin Keys, Math
  • Kari Marino, Math
  • Elizabeth McGregor, Math
  • Sai Ramaswamy, Math
  • Angie Redmon, Math
  • Angie Russell, Math
  • David Ryan, Math
  • Steve Stefanides, Biology
  • Dan Stephens, Biology
  • Ben VanDyke, Math
  • Karina Vega-Villa, MESA
  • Charles Wikman, Math
  • Derin Wysham, Math
  • Ziaowen Zhao, Biology



Charlie Robb, project