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Strategic Planning

Shape the future of higher education in North Central Washington.


Wenatchee Valley College is developing its next strategic plan. The 2018-23 strategic plan was largely developed from internal input and data from Our Valley Our Future.

For WVC’s new strategic plan, we want community voices to be a significant part of its development. With a service district of 10,000 square miles (Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties), Wenatchee Valley College is visiting communities to gain insights rather than expecting them to come to us.


Wenatchee Valley College wants your feedback! Responses to this survey will be used to develop WVC’s strategic plan. We want to hear from you about what we are doing well, where we could improve, and any ideas you have on how we could improve.

This survey is anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Task Force Members
  • Joseph Andreason, WVC IT Field Tech
  • Dustin Clark, WVC Faculty, History
  • Dulce Morgado, College Assistance Migrant Program Retention Specialist
  • Joe Eubanks, WVC Executive Director of Climate, Culture, Diversity and Belonging
  • Julie Fitch, WVC Faculty, Transitional Studies
  • Edith Gomez, WVC Campus Life & Diversity Coordinator
  • Adamari Hernandez, WVC Human Resources Consultant Assistant
  • Kristen Hosey, WVC Faculty, Nursing
  • Ryan Lamb, WVC Assistant Fiscal Director
  • Yuritzi Lozano, WVC Dean, Allied Health & Professional Technical Programs
  • Gene Sharratt, Center for Educational Effectiveness, Senior Research Advisor
  • Samantha Turner, Colville Tribes, College Liaison Officer
  • Roberto Villa, WVC Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator
  • Erin Williams, WVC Program Manager for Facilities & Operations


Fall (Sep-Dec)
  • Recruit task force members
  • Listening sessions: employees, community organizations, students
  • Launch surveys: Fall Student & Strategic Plan
  • Launch Dashboard: Student Demographics
Winter (Jan-Mar)
  • Listening session: employees, community organizations, students
  • Analysis of listening sessions & surveys
  • Synthesize into emerging themes
Spring (Apr-Jun)
  • Listening sessions: open house family-style (children welcome) w/vignettes
  • College strategic planning summit, feedback loop
  • Determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, indicators, baseline, targets, and milestones
  • Release strategic plan


New Strategic Plan

To be released spring quarter

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Download the WVC Strategic Plan (PDF). Download an accessible version of the WVC Strategic Plan 2018-23 (Word). Jump to archives.

Goal 23.1:  Wenatchee Valley College will foster an environment where students reach their educational goals and direct their own futures.
  • Objective 23.1.1: Increase five-year student program completion and transfer rates.
  • Objective 23.1.2: Expand student learning community opportunities.
  • Objective 23.1.3: Provide technology as a foundation for students to succeed in and adapt to a changing world.
  • Objective 23.1.4: Support current and expand future baccalaureate opportunities at Wenatchee Valley College.
  • Objective 23.1.5: Integrate “soft skills” for students into college-wide student learning outcomes and across the curriculum.
  • Objective 23.1.6: Support the development of faculty to become leaders in their fields.
  • Objective 23.1.7: Create faculty and staff teaching communities to support collaboration and improve student outcomes.
Goal 23.2:  Wenatchee Valley College will support students through a holistic approach which effectively admits registers, advises, mentors and retains students.
  • Objective 23.2.1: Increase student-to-student mentoring programs.
  • Objective 23.2.2: Improve student orientation.
  • Objective 23.2.3: Develop and require student college success gateway courses for all students.
  • Objective 23.2.4: Support the full implementation of a one-stop student service experience.
  • Objective 23.2.5: Increase the quality of faculty advising and educational planning.
  • Objective 23.2.6: Continued advancement and use of multiple means of assessments for placing students in English and Math courses.
Goal 23.3:  Wenatchee Valley College will be a responsive cultural and educational hub through proactive outreach and community partnerships.
  • Objective 23.3.1: Increase online offerings and access options to accommodate time and place restrictions for students.
  • Objective 23.3.2: Wenatchee Valley College will seek to maintain a level of technology to meet community needs.
  • Objective 23.3.3: Provide greater internship and job shadowing opportunities for students in the community.
  • Objective 23.3.4: Provide responsive curriculum and programs for the community.
  • Objective 23.3.5: Increase college outreach through traditional and non-traditional sources to reach underserved segments of the community.
  • Objective 23.3.6: Provide clear evidence throughout the district of the college’s presence and role in the community.
  • Objective 23.3.7: Develop a coherent plan to accurately assess community needs.
Goal 23.4:  To achieve equity, Wenatchee Valley College will become a more inclusive, diverse and culturally rich institution that establishes a thoughtful and respectful learning environment.
  • Objective 23.4.1: Double international enrollment.
  • Objective 23.4.2: Create a college-wide diversity strategic plan.
  • Objective 23.4.3: Strive to increase the diversity of our faculty to more closely reflect our diverse students and the community.
  • Objective 23.4.4: Develop an inclusive working environment to support and retain diverse faculty and staff.
  • Objective 23.4.5: Use universal design principles to make Wenatchee Valley College fully accessible.
  • Objective 23.4.6: Increase diversity course offerings and implement a diversity requirement for program completion.
  • Objective 23.4.7: Improve college relationships among faculty and staff to support open, respectful and inclusive discussions on diversity.
Goal 23.5:  To support student learning, Wenatchee Valley College will be efficient, transparent and accountable through deliberate, collaborative and sustainable alignment of resources.
  • Objective 23.5.1: Fund a grant coordinator position to broaden funding sources and increase institutional capacity.
  • Objective 23.5.2: Enhance partnership with Wenatchee Valley College Foundation to grow community financial support.
  • Objective 23.5.3: Develop transparent, stakeholder-built budgets that are informed by data.
  • Objective 23.5.4: Create efficiencies through application of technology and automation.
  • Objective 23.5.5: Enhance enterprise technology to meet Wenatchee Valley College’s needs first.
  • Objective 23.5.6: Build, equip and maintain sustainable facilities that are focused on student learning and success.
Goal 23.6: Wenatchee Valley College will promote a climate of ongoing improvement based on its mission, core themes and college wide student learning outcomes.
  • Objective 23.6.1: Use technology to widely distribute data on student success at all levels to college stakeholders.
  • Objective 23.6.2: Full participation of those in instruction and non-instruction at Wenatchee Valley College in collecting, analyzing, reporting and formulating improvements centered on college-wide student learning outcomes.
  • Objective 23.6.3: Effectively communicate Wenatchee Valley College improvement efforts to internal and external stakeholders.


Strategic Plan 2013-2017